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Originally Posted by obiwan94 View Post
This was a questionaire for Kenyan women. These women have been hearing the lie over and over from radio and billboards sponsored by the government that cut men are heros for helping to fight the AIDS epidemic. Who wouldn't be excited about boning a hero? And who's going to admit that an operation you talked your man into has made sex worse? The men were freshly cut and who knows what women will say about sex with them once the glans and mucosa have numbed with time. The 80% of the world that doesn't circumcise is not complaining about sex. The hindus and their Kama Sutra, the Brazilians with their Bikini waxing, the French, the Italians - are these cultures impaired sexually?

Imagine a survey that reported on whether African men enjoyed sex more or less with women whose genitals were cut up. How would that be received?

Originally Posted by obiwan94 View Post
This study by Payne of 40 men measured them on two spots - NOT including the foreskin - the glans and the arm actually. It is boldly refuted by a vastly superior one (Sorrells et al) that carefully measured 4 times as many men on 17 genital spots each, including 5 spots on the foreskin. The 5 spots on the foreskin were on aggregate more sensitive to fine touch than than any spot not on the foreskin.
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