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Default Re: Jokes and Riddles

a kid was walking around his house and heard his parents say dicks and fannies.
he asked them what it meant and they said hats and coats son, hats and coats.

later on he walked past the kitchen and he saw his dad stuffing a turkey and heard him say 'fuck'!
he asked what it meant and his dad said, stuffing the turkey son, stuffing the turkey.

after that, he walked past his mums room and saw her putting makeup on her face and he heard her say 'shit'!
he asked what it meant and she said makeup son, makeup.

later in the evening, some friends of his parents came over and they said to him, where are your parents?
he said
dads in the kitchen fucking the turkey and mums in her room putting shit on her face
may i take you dicks and fannies?

SEE it!
LOVE it!!
WANT it!!!
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