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I have no dismay because I know Stalin was in no way an orthodox Catholic - not how I define orthodox anyway. If you are trying to use "Orthodox" as in meaning Eastern, then sure, he lived in the Eastern part of the world, however, he definitely did not uphold any Catholicism, nor Christianity for that matter. It's unfortunate that you have such contempt for religion that you attempt to mock it by purposing evil people actually upheld great religion, such as Catholicism. And as for Stalin, again, I cannot deny that he didn't make claims to be Catholic, but I strongly deny those claims to be true. If anything, that was a very poor opinion of his own, though probably just a lie in general. By the way, I never said that believing in scientific acts makes anyone an Atheist. Although, when they commit blasphemy of the Holy Spirit and deliberately kill people just for scientific purposes, then they are in no way Christian. That I can guarantee.

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