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Originally Posted by Retro Tin Canz
Originally Posted by Joe
I dont know what to say :S
LOL, I hope that's a GOOD astonishment, and not a bad one!!!

Ditto... and I finally pleased you by writing!

Iris parked the motorcycle in an alleyway in a sunny but filthy and vacant town. “We’ll be working with your basic magnetic skills today,” said Iris as she tossed back her hair. I awkwardly fumbled my way out of the side-car of her Indian motorcycle.
She walked into an open area complete with a dumpster and hobo rags. “Okay, first, I want you to try and push the dumpster a couple of inches.”
I stared dumbly. Wasn’t that a bit too much for a beginner? She seemed to have read my thoughts, because she said kindly, “It’s alright, Shamus, you can do it! Just put all your mind power into it.” I inhaled and bent my thoughts on the greenish, dirty side of the overflowing dumpster. Nothing until it quivered a bit. A milk carton fell out as it jolted forward an inch.
“Okay!” Iris shouted. My brain seemed to twitch, pressing against the inner walls of my skull. “That was really very good!” Iris assured me.
“You think?” I said.
“Well, you’re not fantastic,” she admitted, which made me feel less like I was being complimented to make me feel good. “But just know this: when I started training, I got a headache levitating a toothpick.”
She left me dumbfounded. A toothpick?
Then from Iris’s pocket came a trill of a cell phone ringing. “Sorry,” she mumbled as she removed it and read the screen, which apparently had caller I.D. “It’s Rip, so let me just take this…” she trailed off as she pressed a button and said, “Hello?” From my distance I could hear a lot of that fuzzy noise and shouting… and gunshots. Iris started confused, then gradually became terrified. She hang up, breathing heavily.
“Shamus, Volmer’s found us, we need to-“ but she was cut off by the exploding of the dumpster…

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