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Default Re: Non Self Harm Calendar!

had the worst urge after these 2 incidents... just got back from piano lesson sussical audtion, and mom just screamed at me a lot used the f word at least 27 times directed towards me.... all because i wasn't sure of the time on when she should pick me up from auditions... and i was like 10 mins late for pinao... i totally forgot about my lesson and i told her that and i was sorry but she kept screaming and she said well if you forgot y don't i just scrap it into ur hand for you so you can always F***en remeber.. and mom screamed at me wendsday night 2... i was finishing a project duie firday she screaMED at me for procrastinatling called me worthless stupid cursed at me basically tore me up verbally.. said a lot more things.. then goes to my sister and says never be like her or i'll be dissappointed in u never act like her or wait will last minute to do hings don't be another dissapointment and my sister goes ok mommy
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