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Default Re: *** Official Male Puberty Survey ***

You and Your Body

Height:6' 1-2"
Shoe Size:10
Body type (skinny, average, etc):skinny
BMI (Click here for more information):16.5

Body Hair

Put an X between the brackets if you have hair in that area.


Are you satisfied with the amount of hair you have? I guess so
-Do you wish you had more or less? Maybe a little less

Put an X between the hair that you shave or trim, if you do.


Length (Erect):6 3/4" - 7"
Length(Non-Erect): 4 1/2"
Girth (Erect): 5"
Cut or Uncut: Uncut
-Do you wish you Was/Wasn't?Nah i like being uncut. But I would like to experience having a cut penis if I could.
Do you think it's proportional for you height?I guess so..yea.
-For your Age?:Absolutely
What's the average length in your mind?6"
Does your Penis bend?yea
-In which Direction?down
--A lot, some or little?Just a little, little bit
---Does this concern you?Not at all.

Have you started puberty yet?Yea
At what age did you start?10ish
In your opinion, did you start late or early?normal, maybe a little early
Have you ever had a wet dream?yea
Do you compare yourself to guys your same age?yea, don't we all?
-In what ways?build, personality, wealth, clothes, the basic things everyone compares themselves to other people by.
Are you done with puberty?almost

Do you masturbate?yep
How many times per day or week?everyday/every other day
How old were you when you started masturbating?10
What hand do you use?right, sometimes left for fun
What do you think about whilst masturbating?Ummm, depends really.
Where's the weirdest place you've masturbated?Honestly, on a school bus. It was only me and the driver on there and I had a long way home. Couldn't wait. Besides that, after and behind school in the woods.
Where do you masturbate most often?In the shower/ on toilet
What technique do you use?basic
Do you use any lubrication?nah
Have you ever been caught?nope
Have you masturbated with friends?Nah, but I want to.
-Separated or together?
--Did you regret it or did you have fun?
Are you flexible enough to suck your own penis?Yep!
-If not, do you wish you could?
Do you ejaculate?yea
-If so how much?A good amount, can't complain
--Spit or Dribble?Depends on how 'turned on' I am
---If spit, how far?Depends on above, but usually normal
How do you clean up?Well it usually goes down the drain/gets flushed
Did you ever taste it?yea
If so what was your reaction?[B]IDK, it was okay, not bad[B]

Do you look at porn?Sometimes
If so, what types?Depends. I do think that gay porn seems to be more real though. The girls in straight porn seem to fake everything.
Have you ever been caught looking at porn?nope
Do you masturbate while looking at porn?yea

Sexual Orientation
Are you straight, gay, bi, or curious?STRAIGHT
If straight, do you think homosexuality is ok?No. Let me explain. I am a devote Christian and the Bible clearly states that homosexuality is sin. BUT, I am not going to hold that against a homosexual and tell them to "Get away from me" or anything. I will just pray for them. I mean, it is their choice to be gay so let them be. I have a few gay friends, but as long as I don't get involved/it doesn't effect me, I am fine.
What do you look for in a girlfriend/boyfriend?Sweet, Good looking(have to be. I tend to have high standards), at least somewhat smart, and athletic is good.
Have you ever had a relationship?Duh
If so how long?My longest was 1 1/2 years.
Did you ever cheat on this person?Absolutely not!
-Did they find out?
--How did they react?
---Has this taught you a lesson?

Have you ever had sex?Nope. I am very satisfied to being a virgin. There are a lot of teens who can say that.
-What kind?
--Did you use protection?
---What kind of sex was it?
If still a virgin, will you wait until marriage to lose your virginity?YES, I will. I mean, sex is a gift from God to be performed between a married couple as the ultimate sign of love. We, teenagers, at this age don't even know what love is. All we have experienced is 'puppy love'. You only have your virginity once, why waste it on some lustful one time thing?
What do you look for in a partner?Well a wife who loves me, so we can have passionate sex together. Not lustful sex.
Do you have any regrets what so ever?Nope, as stated above, I am very proud of myself for not giving in to the temptations of having sex yet.
Do you think that younger people have sex out of peer pressure?Some do, sad to say.

People and Places
Do you have sleepovers with friends?yea but haven't in a while.
Do you compare penis sizes to friends?No, can't say I have.
Do you ever talk about puberty or sex with your friends?Yea
Have you been seen naked by family members or by friends?Umm, IDK. I think so.
Do you masturbate with friends?No, but I want to.

What would you rate this survey out of 10?10, it covers a LOT of info.
Are there any questions you think that should be added or removed?Nah, not that I know of.
Any other comments you would like to add.WOW there are a lot of guys that filled this out.
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