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Originally Posted by Thomas
Originally Posted by 1337 Man
Originally Posted by FaDinG DreaM
First of all the disgusting should be enough I mean thats just......Wrong.....On so many levels. But yes theres a thing called genetic regretion.....That can get real nasty.


Why are you askin this?
I find homosexuality disgusting, is that enough to ban gay marriage? Of course not!

You think genetic defects happen in the children of all incest couples? Think again. It's just that since the people in the couples are related, it's more likely they'll contain recessive alleles that might lead to birth defects. However, said alleles probably aren't common. Also, since gays can't give birth to their own children, would you be against homosexual incest?

I'm asking this because I haven't seen any good arguments against it.
I thought this was about incest, not about saying how gay people are disgusting.
This isn't supposed to say how gay people are disgusting, my point is, why the double standard?

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