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Webbeard, chill... Claimed to be Pagon or not, Hitler had no religious acts whatsoever, other than propaganda he had printed in the newspapers And no, he wasn't a scientist, but he believed in scientific acts, such as neural study on a live, human specimen - hmmm, how moral. Ah, and yes, a man that is peculiarly less known but slightly more evil than Hitler, himself - Stalin. However, and orthodox Catholic? That's bull. Are you trying to mock my religion or do you just hate religion so much you're not aware of it? In no way was he even Catholic - even if he was or wasn't baptized as a Catholic, he, too, had propaganda printed for everyone to read. Since Catholicism is clearly Christian and Christianity is widely accepted. And unfortunately, Kolte, people prefer money, and that is why we have capitalism. Money may lead to evil, but evil can be fought off. In fact, money, only leads to evil and is not evil itself. The evils it leads to are greed, jealousy, and theft (just a few evils anyway). So, in God we trust that we will not embrace these evils that money leads to. Unfortunately, only those that accept and love God actually trust him, so these people are not guaranteed his protection. And you know what's a shame? A lot of people - and I mean a lot - pose as Christians. It's really sad actually. They say they're Christian, but then they don't even attend church, or pray, or even love God

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