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Originally Posted by FaDinG DreaM
Don't worry Thomas he's just mad cause he's losing the battle in other debates about the false god that he choses to blindly worship, which normally I wouldn't have a problem with, everybodys diffrent he has the right to his opinion but his adittude is begining to annoy me.

I'm not gonna even bother getting the facts and posting them here I know that I can argue the facts till the so called apocalypse that buy the way is like what 5yrs late now and he still won't admit to it, so I aint gonna waist my time.
First of all, I'm not mad, if anything, you're the mad ones. What the hell is this appocalypse shit you're talking about?

And for this debate, you can't even bother getting facts and posting them here...BECAUSE THERE ARE NONE! If there was a way to do punnett squares on this board, I'd show you how incest =/= birth defects.

<<< It\'s Limecat! He is not pleased!
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