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Default Re: Self Harm Calendar

reasons.... parents want divorce...i got scxreamed at a lot... anxiety attacks.. being ditched by photo class in a different state museum then had an anxiety attack there after securtiy guard yelled at me to find my group who all slipt up with friend of choice and i was all alone looking for anyone.... i eventually found someon a half hou later. it was scary then my great gma died... i attended funeral and rabbi threw mounds of dirt on her casket and you could hear each thud... it distrubed me... then dad flippedd out and screamed at me a few days alter, mom made fun of me, and boyfriend yelled at me because he was upset at my parents? i don't get that part either.... lots ofmake up work for play practice brought on strees practieced at least 6 hrs a day for play... everyday... misseed a lot... this all happened in less then a week,,, and i suppress emotions which leads to... you got it break down... but i cxan't show my emotions... dad has no tolerance for me being mad or upset... so he flips out... not like he doens't do that every day anyway.... like one time eh was upet and i was standing in the kitchen out of his way.... and he comes up and screams in my face for no reason... like i didn't do anything.. he yelled at me for standing their... no i had nothing i was supposed to be doing.. i dd all chores and hw... he just yelled at me... and pushd me,.. got in my face and shock me... but w/e...
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