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Default Boyfriend help

Ok here it is. I have been going out with my boyfriend for about 10 months now. Before we started going out we were best friends. We talked, we laughed, we shared problems. We were best buds for 2 years. Then after we started out we went on a feild trip with our youth group we had tons of fun and we played vidio games until it was late. When we got tired we fell asleep in the back of the bus. Those were the good times. Now he is too hyperactive at times and then he seems to just get angry over things and i don't know why. He started wresting, although I objected to it but after watching a game or two and seeing how much he enjoyed the sport I decided to let him play so I supported him. But ever since then we have been talking less and less. He has also been very rude to me. We broke up once and then got back together 3 days later. I'm worried that he doesn't really care about me any more because he has started to poke me and when I tell him to stop he just continues. He also has been randomly poking my best friend as well thinking that it is funny that she has pressure points. When i tell him to stop he just replies saying that i dont let him have any fun. What should I do?
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