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Ok, time for advice from a girl ok. I agree what they said about the hugging, I give ugs to my guy friends all the time. But that doesn't mean any thing. It just means that they are really good friends or I just wasn't feeling my ussual happy self. Some times I will give my gal friends a hug too. Especially to the ones from the school play that I have gotten to know very well. The hug may just mean that you are a good friend to her or that you looked sad and she wanted to cheer you up either way it means your a good friend. It's either that or your the sensitive guy that most girls would love to date. But now the kiss on the cheek... that I don't do myself but yet again I'm a bit on the shy side. Really she was probally thanking you for something by the kiss. Nothing more than that. And asking her out thing wait until her and the guy break up then talk to her to make sure she is happy. Then what you do is wait a week or so to let her heal then ask her if she will go out with you. If she says yes, just remember to never forget to communicate and don't over do things. Also you should listen to what she has to say. But if she says no, smile and say "that's fine" and then start up a new conversation.
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