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Cindy Blake slit her wrists on the twenty seventh of March 1999. She was rushed to Evergreen hospital, Texas at ten past two in the morning. After her mother had discovered her bleeding silently in her bedroom earlier that morning. She arrived at the hospital, roughly unloaded from a rusted Ambulance. The doctor along with his team of nurses of varying abilities successfully managed to stop the bleeding. By twenty past eight, Cindy condition had become staple allowing her anxious parents some precious minutes with there daughter.

Mrs Blake gently stroked her daughter arm, her eyes glancing worriedly at her daughter. Mr Blake stared blanking into space, is mind unable to cope with the situation. The clock ticked loudly, there time with there little girl slowly slipping away. Mrs Blake could no longer stand the strained silence in the clinical room; she breathed in deeply and spoke.

“What happened dear, why you hurt yourself like this?” she asked as soothingly as her desperate mind could let her.
“Do what?” the tormented girl replied, sharply removing her arm from her mothers caring touch.
“This, your wrists, why?” her mother spluttered indigently, as her husband continued his silent depression.
“Oh don’t worry, it didn’t hurt” Cindy replied carelessly. Her mothers hand gripping the bed cloth in despair.
“But darling, you could have seriously hurt yourself!” Mrs Blake gasped her mind unable to cope with her daughter’s reaction to the situation.
“Would you have cared?” Cindy growled. Mr Blake unfocused eyes flicked to his daughter briefly.
“Would we have cared? How could you say such a thing?” her mother cried, shaking with anger and overwhelming sadness. “How could you say such thing, Robert do something!”
“Like he cares anyway.” The girl spat, her mother’s eyes bulged, grabbing her husbands limp hand she yelled fiercely.
“Are you going to let her talk like that to me, to us?” Mr Blake pulled his captured hand out of his wife’s grip. His eyes now focus he turned to his emotional wife.
“Why, it’s true” he replied lifelessly. Mrs Blake anger exploded from her fragile frame, her hand weak blurred though the air, connecting with her husbands face forcefully.
“How dare you, I spent 13 years of life looking after this child and you throw it back in my face, I just hope next time she slits your wrists as well!” she screamed, disgusted at her husband. She turned to daughter, a look of unbelief stretched across her aged face.
“Was I bad mother?” she asked faintly.
“No, you just didn’t stop him being a bad father” the girl replied, her face pale and ghostlike, her premature weakness shinning disgustingly though her young body.
Mrs Blake eyes met her husbands, her nostril flared.
“I think you better leave.” Mrs Blake hissed at him, pausing briefly he got up and left room.
“Thank you!” the girl said emotionlessly. “But I still don’t forgive you, you gonna have to work harder to earn it.” She continued, a mix of love and hatred burning in her eyes.
“Oh I will” her mother replied, the nurse entered the room gesturing to the clock on the Wall.
“I must go, remember your father does love you, he just doesn’t know it” Mrs Blake said uncertainly, bending down kissing her redundant daughter, she disappeared though the door.

The nurse walked towards the timid girl lying in the bed, her wise eyes slowly capturing every detail.
“So, why you do it kid?” she asked bluntly, checking Cindy’s readouts in interest.
“Why not?” the girl replied rudely. Turning away from the nurse and burrowing her head into the billow.
“Darling, no-one cuts themselves up as bad as you did, without a reason.” The nurse answered sharply, scribbling down Cindy’s scans on a clipboard.
Cindy turned to her, interested. “So what if I did it for reason, not like it matters now.” She said suspiciously.
“It does, otherwise how will you know, how to stop yourself next time.” The nurse stated smiling, sitting carefully down at the edge of the bed.
“Well what if I wanna do it a second time!” the girl snapped, sitting up.
“Then you’re a very stupid little girl, aren’t ya” the nurse replied icily.
“I aren’t stupid” the girl murmured defensively, turning her head away from the nurse.
“Then why you do this then” the nurse asked, pulling the girl deformed wrists from there resting place.
The girl whimpered in pain tugging her hand away from the nurse. “I had a reason” she answered.
“Well tell me it and I can judge if it was stupid or not.” The nurse said, her deep smile returning.
“Cause if I slit my wrists then maybe my mum could realise my dad doesn’t care about me!” Cindy blurted out, clapping her hands to her mouth.
“Well sorry honey, but that seems a stupid reason to me, didn’t you think of telling your mum how you felt.” The nurse inquired innocently, drawing a cigarette from her bag.
“Hey, you can’t smoke in here, you could damage both yours and my health” Cindy yelled from her bed.
“Coming from the girl who slit her wrist, your awfully health conscience.” The nurse said bemused.
“Well I didn’t want to die, just wanted to a prove a point to my mum, cause she would always side with my dad.” The girl muttered angrily.
“You’re arguing skills need some improving.” The nurse stated, putting away the cigarette. “But your mum seemed pretty upset, she cares for you more then you know”.
“I know she does” Cindy sighed. “It’s just him, he just doesn’t care and she doesn’t do anything about it.” She continued fist clenched in hidden rage.
“Doesn’t mean she hasn’t tried”. The nurse said getting up and leaving the room silently.
“Yeah” the girl whispered quietly, filled with new hope.
Cindy died sixteen hours later due to excessive blood loss.
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