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Originally Posted by GameFreak
how about hydrogen cars? japan was gonna make one but they need someone to help fund it. after all this time i heard about they still didn't get any fundings so they're keeping quiet.
American/ European/ Asian scientists already have sufficient hydrogen cars. In the United States, there are many in testing. City buses in Seattle are being tested. A handful of cars are being tested by selected families throughout the country. However, as long as oil countries are getting there oil, there is no way Hydrogen and Ethanol have a chance in American markets. In the meantime, Brazil’s economy is booming, all of the money it had to spend on importing oil, are now going into its economy, employment is up, inflation is down, and they are experiencing a boom in international commerce. Meanwhile American politics are making moves against foreign commerce. The Dubai Ports deal that was so publicized by the media, sent out a strong message that America is not interested in Foreign commerce, weather intended or not. In this administration we have seen the government enforce harder and harder until our freedoms are in jeopardy. The government spying threw Google and Wiretaps, not allowing the UN election inspectors, or weapons inspectors to do there job. Not allowing the UN to tour our Military Jails. Pushing for close mindedness and fundamental Christian views. Investing all of our money and resources into a War the majority of the United States doesn’t want to be in. All the while letting the economy go on funding cuts. Letting systems like Social Security, Welfare, Medicaid, Medicare etc go on funding cuts. Its not right. My mother teaches as Job Corps a Federally Funded “school” that teaches under privileged teenagers and young adults trades such as medical occupations, welding, painting, carpentry, forestry, computer business applications. It also gets them a High School Diploma and Drivers license and finds them a Job and house. Programs like this keeps people off of welfare, it educates and prepares people. Its a very important program, and its had some huge funding cuts. My mother, who teaches Medical Occupations, has had a 50% funding cut! Instead of books for all her students, she has a book per table! Very few medical supplies, handouts, no overhead, or computers. Its an outrage. She has asked numerous times for more funding so she can better teach her students but she is answered with rude replies from the Department Of Labor and sometimes no reply at all. Then when the DOL tours the campus in there bi-monthly surveys, they get angry with the state of her class and say she needs to do better or they will completely cut her class from the program! All in all, there are about 1 or 2 JobCorps in every state, and this is just one of them. Its not a very wide picture, but its an inside look at funding cuts in the united states because of money spent on the war and on side projects for the Bush Administrations Military Campaign. Inflation, Unemployment, Poverty, are all outcomes of a failed government. So when your prices are to high or you cant get the good or service you want, you know who to blame.

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