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Default My dillemma

Okay, so I have a similar dillemma to Cable, but well... ok:
I had a crush on this girl, who I was like best friends with, and I had another friend who was a girl, so I told her that I liked the first girl(from now on known as 1) and the second girl (from now on known as 2) gave me alot of good advice, although I didnt know that 1 had a boyfriend and so when I told 1 that I liked her she told her boyfriend that and he sent me an email saying basically "lay off" and so I did, but then I found myself falling for 2, who I've known longer than 1, and who I've been besties for ages too, and I kind of still like 1, but then about 6 months after I told 1 that I had a crush on her, and her and I were back to being besties, I asked her for some advice to do with 2. And now I'm confused about who I like more.
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