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Default i have no point, no meaning, no purpose... i am worthless

i just really have no ambitions anymore. i used to have passion in a couple of different things but now nothing.

i dont feel like finishing school, getting up in the morning, or even talking to what friends i have left. in the classes that the teachers dont ignore me in im out casted for being smart.

i dont see what the point is in anything. im not exactly suicidal at this point but i have been in the past... i just dont have any will to keep living.

im tearing my friends down, pushing them away like i always have. ive tried to not push them away but i always do. and ive faked my smiles to keep them happy. but lying to them hurts almost as much as tearing them down.

i cant just isolate myself and disapear.. they wont let me. but im tired of depressing everyone i talk to about this. hell i dont even know why im posting this on here... its not like anyone here really cares either... (thats more of me pushin people away) and it sux cuz i can see it happening but i cant seem to stop it

if you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you shall also suffer defeat ~ Sun Tzu
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