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I dunno cutting my arm dosn't hurt at all but I've had sum nasty stuff happen like breaking my arm, my leg, crushing my hand, being stabed in the eye with a pencile etc.. So it just plain ole dosn't hurt. The first time I was taken to the hospital for suicide watch the nurse wanted to see my arm to find out how many cuts I had made, my arm was completly covered and it had dried blood everywhere, so she took me to a sink and started to wash my arm up, she's like "does this hurt?", I take my other hand and slam down on my left one as hard as I can causeing the cuts to reopen and bleed and a lil bit of a bruise, I look at her, her jaws like droped to the floor and I'm like no dosn't hurt. I have to do sumthin really really nasty inorder to feel it....Or when I'm sick like I've got strept throat right now and it hurts a lil. But every situations diffrent, everybody percieves reality in a diffrent way, so.........Ya.

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