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I was a Christian until this year. Basically, I believe in a God, but I do not accept the belief that I have to spend my life serving Him, or at least follow all of these rules and guidelines that religion is so known for. Also, I don't think that God cares about us as much as people say. Sorry, but that's what I think. How can God let so many innocent people die in such horrible ways? How can such tragedy's happen, if he really "loves" us more then anything? Religion seems more like a ploy to get people to behave then it does a serious thing. I'm still undecided, but for now, I don't feel that I should worship a said God. The Bible also has so many contradictions and strange things, mainly the old Testament. I just don't feel right following it. I'm still not completely decided, but this is what I currently think.
Welcome to deism.
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