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you know brazil is going to declare energy independence, which means they will no longer need to import oil anymore? why? because they are using Ethonal.....sometimes pure ethonal, made from sugercane..its very clean burning and much MUCH cheaper, more like 19 cents a gallon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! your miliage is reduced by a bit however, a car that gets 30 miles a gallon off gass, may only get 22 miles a gallon of Ethonal. AMERICA NEEDS ETONAL NOW!!!!!!! I'm going to buy a flex car, one that can run off either etonol or gas and I'm going to really try and push for an E85 a ethonal gas mix. We need this, cuz oil sucks. Now off to the real argument. inflation, meh, we cant really stop it on our own, high inflation is the sign of a failing economy, however, our inflation is good, so we have a good economy, but it would be worse if the price was droping, thats an even worse sign of a failing economy.

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