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Originally Posted by mMfWcL
i didnt write this but it made me a little teary-eyed..and that doesnt happen often AT all.

6weeks old today Mommy,
A birthday gift for me.
A pair of big blue eyes,
Through one day I shall see.
Where are we going Mommy?
With the rain pouring down.
And when it hits the sidewalk,
It makes a funny sound.
BANG! Through the big white doors.
There are people dressed in green.
If they hurt you Mommy,
Just run's ok to scream.
Help me Mommy!
They're tearing me apart!
There goes my big blue eyes.
There goes my little heart.
I love you Mommy,
Believe me I do.
But what's hurts the most is
I thought you loved me too.

gah that really makes me teary-eyed!
6 weeks old you say, how cute, it hasnt quite developed a nervous system and brain yet, but how cute anyway.......if it could feel or have concious thought at that state, it would be sad, however, it cant feel or think, so its not a human.

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