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Kiros! I just get done saying not to use Hitler and you use Hitler. You don't say something that has anything to do with Hitler. He was an artist, and a bad one at that, not a scientist. And if you want an example of a murdering dictator the correct example is Stalin. Between the gulags and starvation Stalin killed 120 million of his own people. That makes him at least 20 times more evil than Hitler. 60 million from starvation due to Stalin mandated farm reforms, and 60 million from being sent to the gulags or just executed (prbably for comaplaing about how so many people were starving). He was at least 20 times more mad than hitler too. When he had the stroke that ended his life he was left slumped on a couch for a week because no one dared touch him, and he had already declared all doctors "spys for the west" so no one dared bring one in to treat him.

So Kiros, for whatever point your making there is a better example around then Hitler. Resorting to Hitler is cheap and unworthy and it happens alot during dialectic discusiions. Koler was even trying support my thesis and I still had to say something unpleasent about it. Sorry Koler, but I dislike the Hitler example so much I didn't even want it on my side of the argument. But then Kiros, you apply Hitler to the Antithesis. Are you trying to cause a brain anurism on purpose? Do you want the blood vessels in my eyes to pop from rage? My parents are going to want to know why I am shouting at my computer. Please, just find someone else to use to support your point. I can't think of any evil scientists off hand, but there must be some.

Trivia: the Only Soviet Premiers to leave office without dying or being killed were Kruchev and Gorbochov.
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