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Default I'm not sure

Im 14. Most sources i have seen say that puberty, in essence should start at 13-14.....yet, i have not yet had any vocal changes, size (height or penis) changes, and have not seen my own semen before. I dont want to accept the fact im a late bloomer, because im already a year younger then everyone at my highschool (im a freshmen). For the past few years I have gotten a very limited amoun of physical excersise (video-game junkie) and have had a poor diet. Im kinda over weight (120lbs, about 5 ft tall) and im not very athletic at all....i do play a sport though, Lacrosse is pretty rigorous, for me anyway. any advice/answers/help for me?

PS...i tried masturbating once or twice...i felt pretty aroused, but no ejaculation.

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