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minimum pay will be paid 1 dollar more but the president was thinking he should raise gas prices to equal that so i starting to find that even though we have more money
We do not have a command economy, the price of gas is not set by the president. The oil companies produce gasoline in amounts to maximize their profits and people use as much as they can stand to spend on it.

Also if you increase the minimum wage, its like in creasing the price of any product or service, businesses will buy less minimum wage work. They'll cheat and use illegals, or they will hire over seas companies when they can who pay workers less, or they will buy more automation because it is a substitute good for minimum wage labor.

Often increases in minimum wage are still below prevailing wages anyways so it doesn't even affect most people.

Perhapse you heard them discuss raising the tax on gasoline. By far the biggest profits off the sale of gasoline is made by state and federal governemnts who generally make 10 times as much money off a gallon of gas than the oil companies do in the form of per gallon taxes. They don't have to run gasstations or oilrefineries either, they just have to hold a gun up and say "Give us 45 cents a gallon or you go to jail." Prety sweet way of taxing you don't you think? They even get to say they are taxing the Oil companies but the Oil companies don't pay the tax, they just collect it like a guy in a toll booth. And holding a gun to the head of a retailer costs ALOT less then actually making and selling stuff.

And, incedently, Coke and Pepsi make even more profit per gallon of their product then do Oil Companies or Government make off of gasoline. Since you were complaining about the high price of carbonated sugar water. Mmm, sweet caffine, nature's most perfect drug.
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