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Originally Posted by DaScM View Post
I voted Christian (Im Catholic) since that's my religion since birth. But for me, Religion is just a way to control our emotions, to live normally in peace and order.

I do believe in God, because where did all these things, the universe galaxies, etc. Came from?

But in some ways, I don't believe in it, especially on the Old Testament of the Bible.

It is mentioned on one book and another that God is coming down to earth riding a Chariot or some sort of vehicle.
But God shad to be Almighty, and he doesn't need such things to visit humans.

My Conclusion about that, they're ET's

It's weird that people are praising a false-god at that time, thinking that whoever come down from the Sky is a god. Most religions around the world has this fact.

I have this kind of belief since I was 13.

Any comments about this are welcome.
That post made about 5% sense. A little more than none, but barely any.

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