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Billie.Joe. I just came back from spring camp and it was awesum. Before I went I didn't want to be but was thinking that I was gay. I went and the whole time I was there around guys, cute guys. but not once did I get an erection around them nor did I feel any emotional attraction. In a game this cute guy and I had to hug. I could feel his penis on me but I didn't get an erection I then realized that I was not gay and never will be. I did have a very hard time getting away from the gay porn though. I am making it though and that is what counts just try as hard as you can not to look at it. Try and stay true to what you want and what you feel is emotionally and spiritually. right if you ever need to talk I am always open. IM me or PM me. I am 15 to by the way.
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