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Default Re: Jokes and Riddles

Ok on a train car there is an Albertan man, a Quebec man, an elderly woman and a gorgeous blonde with big boobs. While the train was traveling it went into a tunnel covering the room in complete darkness and all you hear is a loud "SLAP". When the train came out of the tunnel the quebec man had a huge hand print on his cheek.

The old woman was thinking that the quebec man must of groped the young blonde and she slapped him across the face

The young blonde was thinking that the quebec man must of tried to grope her but missed a groped the old woman and she slapped him

The quebec man was thinking that the albertan man must of groped the young woman and when she slapped she missed and hit him

The albertan man was thinking: "i cant wait till the next tunnel so i can slap that guy from quebec again"

when u wanna do something dont just "try" to do it, when u "try" to do something u leave room for failure, just go out and DO IT
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