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Default now this is an introduction

My name is Jay, i live in ontario (canada). my place is on the water so i love to swim, wakebord, and go boating. I mostly hang out with girls at school (and no i'm not gay). I like people who have a good sence of humor and know how to have a good time. I'm a nice guy who like to joke around ALOT and i refuse to do drugs, you may think this is square but watevai don't care. I HATE (well strongly dislike, lol) people who take everything seriously and don't understand the consept of the way of music i like classic rock, some alternative rock, jazz, blues. ex: pink floyd, led zepplin, beatles, the who, eric clapton, jethro tull, etc. and i love talking to people and i love to get to know people.

wow that sounds like a discription for a dating service, lol, whateva, i ramble.
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