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Okay well theres a party on the 25th, and I was such a damn idiot to make a deal that if this guy kissed someone (because he hasnt yet) then I will (because I havnt kissed a girl yet either). so now all the girls know this and are gonna make brent kiss someone, so then I have to, and I just really don't want to. Because it's gonna end up me making out with this slut or something, but i know I can always say no, and they will say "oh kevin you square" and I just ignore them. But maybe I will kiss someone, like the girl i like will be there, and right now she is single, so I will get a few slow dances in with her. I might get to kiss her, well i hope. Because i want my first kiss to be special, I just hope she still likes me, because I was going out with her before(kinda) but of course I fucked all that up. anyways im rambing on again, and I don't really need advice, but advice would be nice, I just sort of felt like typing all this to get some of this shit off my chest. So i guess how do i get into the right "moment" for a kiss? I know this has already been brougt up, but this is a differant situation which needs differant answers. So help, and sorry for typing all this, but this is the whole story.
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