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Originally Posted by Chris
all i know is that Zac efron is SO HOTT!
i now nothing else about the movie, what it's about, (im guessing a high school musical?) and the plot.
Ugh, if only more girls said other first things about movies than about some actor in it being hot.

I think it's very cliche'd which immediately made me dislike it. Who says that atheletes can't do the school musical? Half the people in my school's play are atheletes too! Plus the theater teacher lady, being all British and "The theater never waits for anybody! and stuff. Like you're EVER going to have a theater teacher like that... cliche'd and very stupid. I also dislike pop, which every single song in the movie was, so... And that theater geek guy whose sister was a real b*tch, whenever he sang he scrunched up his face like he was in pain and it was very unnatractive to look at.

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