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Everyone knows how proud I am to be welsh but independance is a joke. there's only 3 million of us.
we wouldn't be able to survive economically, neither would scotland. We and scotland were independant countries hundreds of years ago but england wasn't having that anymore so invaded us.
History lesson over

We do have our own government building, in fact they've just opened the new one on 1st March. They control things like funding for education, local councils etc. but most of Wales and Scotland is controlled by London.

It'd be sad to see the british isles divided and koler is right. Why would we want to be independant? We're not being persecuted or anything. Saying that, i'd call myself welsh rather than british but to me, independance makes as much sense as Illinois becoming independant from the US.

I wouldn't rule it out, it'll probably happen in the future because as someone said, our parliaments are gaining more and more power but not for a few hundred years.
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