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Not that I don't appreciate all the replies, but I've done pretty much everything thats been suggested other than completely eliminating every sweet thing in the house. We ALWAYS have fruits, veggies, yogurt, juice bars, all that stuff. There are 3 other younger siblings in the house as well, half-siblings if that makes a difference. We do open skate at the local ice arena about twice a month, she is in little league basketball which is twice a week, she plays floor hockey in the garage w/ her 7 yr old brother 3/4 times a week, being thats its March and we live in Michigan outside activity is a little restricted for the time being. Both my husband and I have tried talking to her, I totally admit that on occasion we've yelled about it but that just comes from frustration. I've suggested to her that maybe talking to someone other than us might help, but she flat out refuses to do it. Her step mom is into being super healthy, nothing buy organic everything, and does tend to get on her about her weight, her biological dad has a weight problem and nearly his entire family has as well. She is far from obese, but she is overweight.
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