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Default so there's this guy

and i really like him. and im gay, and it freaks the hell out of me and i get really scared of what people will think. so it made me really nervous being around him after i told him i was gay. i had the biggest fantasy of me telling him i was gay, and then him telling me he was gay too and that he always liked me. but thats not what happened, i thought he would take it as a big deal and treat me better, but he didnt. he treated me just like a normal friend, which bugged the hell out of me.
so for the next couple weeks, i was constantly asking him who he liked, hoping he would ask me who i liked, BUT HE NEVER DID. so i was beginning to get really ticked off and ready to just call him and tell him. so i was talking to him on the phone, and he asked me who i liked. and i kinda freaked out and said, "you first" so he told me he liked some girl, and i figured, it couldnt get any worse, so i told him i liked him. and he still treats me like normal. and im just so depressed right now.

so my question, is there any way i can:
A) get him to like me?
B) find a way to just get over him?
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