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You know, I have allways be intrested in flat tax, I think most people who know what it is have been as well. Flat tax is defined as: A system that taxes everyone at the same rate, regardless of their income bracket That means that the billionaire Mr. Gates, who is paying almost half of his income to the Federal Income Tax, and Mrs. Webber down the road who is payin 10 percent of her income to the Federal Income Tax would instead both pay something like 12% of there income. This would make every single person who makes over 100000+ a year happy, and also less complicated. The middleclass too would like it I think. Its just the lower class, who right now, pay very little of there income as tax, that whould be in dismay. However, I think its a good idea. I also support a higher tax on luxuray items like rings, and cars., and a lower tax on non'luxuary items like food and paper. Now debate, ye debators, your thoughts on Tax.

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