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Originally Posted by Hockeymom
I have an almost 11 yr old daughter who has been hiding candy and food in her room to eat after she goes to bed. Her dad has a weight problem, her dads family all has weight problems, and unfortunately she's beginning to have one. She is pretty much always allowed this kind of stuff with in reason. I've tried talking, yelling, grounding, calmly explaining...but I'm at a loss. What would get through to you?? Should I get rid of all of it and not allow it in the house? Please help me out... I'm getting desperate.
Thank you!!!!!!
I think that, instead of taking away her sweets, you should buy healthy, but good tasting foods. Fruits, jams, vitamin inriched jellos and yogarts. Also, try talking to her about activities that you could do together to get her motivated to be more healthy. Like go for walks, or go to the park on a weekly basis. and when you too are out, try getting healthy snacks, and teach her about a more healthy lifestyle in a way she will understand. If you take the candy from her, she will become angry, and resent you, but if you try and motivate her to not eat it, and to instead choose more healthy foods, she will remember your kindness.



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