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Default Finding out!

i am going to tell you all a story, it end with a problem i hope u can help me sort out lol. so please stick to the end.

I am 14 year old, i am sporty and resonablely good looking. i hang out with people like me, they all had tons of girl friends but i had never been in to girls really so i left them 2 it. I went on hoilday for about 2 months (lucky me huh) and got really involved in working out lol. I came back 2 weeks ago, thing were nomal, i got a bit more female attention but i wasn't Interested. one the 3rd day i was back, we had P.E. We did alot of working out and wen we got back inside we got changed, i felt stange all though the working out i couldn't help staring at my mates. As they got changed taking of there shirts, i saw there perfectly toned torso dripping with sweat. i got the most intense feeling ever, i just stared. luckily no2 noticed, so i relise now i am gay. i want to sleep and be with men end of.

But my problem is i want a bf, now there is this one guy. In my eyes the fittest person ever, he hangs round with me and has a buff body. like me he has never been Interested in girl, no matter how many ask him. he doesn't get involved in convos about girls. so i think he might be gay.

so here are my questions:
1. should i tell him how i feel about him, if so how do i go about doing so?

2. i need sum1 to talk bout turing gay lol so plz if u similer age and gay obivously please add me [email protected] and we can talk

cheers for listening.
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