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Default Re: *** Ask ALL Cut / Uncut Questions HERE ***

Originally Posted by TLCTugger View Post
I agree buried penis is generally a fat-person problem, but it can also happen to anyone who has lost a considerable percentage of his shaft skin. You can start now with "manual foreskin restoration techniques" (Google it) and in a few years you'll have a lot more slack. When you're through with school (or now if your life-style allows) you can use more specific full-time "non-surgical foreskin restoration" techniques to add like an inch of new slack skin per year.
I love being circumcised and would never chage it !!!!!

Hi my name is Luke, i am a euration (2/3-british,1/3-chinese) born in singapore. I went to boarding school in oxford for most of my life and i am currently living in perth.

I am very open and if you need to talk about anything i will be more then happy to answer all your questions. I would also be elated if you could add me as you friend...
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