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Originally Posted by Dfsg
Oh, Bush broke the law? He is only intercepting phone calls made by suspected terrorists outside the nation. It's not illegal to intercept terrorist communications, as we are in a war against terrorists.

FDR intercepted Nazi messages being sent to people in the USA. Was he breaking the law, or trying to save lives?

The President has FULL constiutional right to make the wire taps. Dems are just trying to do whatever they can to not support the President and American People. They are against anything the President is for...

If Nancy "Strech" Pelosi gains majority status and is elected Speaker, we're in trouble. She's so messed up. She's just another "Whatever Bush is for, I'm against it."

As for Andrew Jackson, wasn't he only censured? Wasn't it Andrew Johnson who was impeached? Though, Andrew Jackson's refusal to follow the Supreme Court was troubling...
You know, you like to throw in little twists in your debate, I like that. Like how you said dems are just trying to do whatever they can to not support the president.....and then you added and the american people, as if they are only trying to satisfiy there own needs, not the needs of the people. BUt isnt the poeple controlling the government what makes the government better then anyone elses. People have to work hard, and gain the support of the people to be where they are. and the only reason they are there is to represent what the people want to say. Thats really the point of democrocy is it not. the people tell there reps and sen's what to say, and they try to do it. The president keeps the US safe and in good terms with the rest of the world and the Judicial system tells us what the laws the legeslation just made mean. Now, as far as I'm concerned, the problem's not with the exectutive branch, as much as it is in the legeslative branch. My family tends to vote democrat 90% of the time because I'm a lower mid. class family. If we were a wealthy family, we would vote republican. Its the tax's that really sway our vote, we don't want to be putting all of our money into the government, we have food and bills, we live pay cheak to pay cheak. I have seen myself, that under democratic rule, we have had more progress in the lower and mid class. and under republician rule, we have more programs with the upper class. What there needs to be is a balence. The Democrats need majority for a while, to help us, then the republicians need majority for a while to help the upper class. My family has been struggeling quite a bit lately. I would like to have the democrat's win the majority this coming mid term election, because I know that will help me. Most people come mid term are going to vote democrat, because most people are in the mid and lower class, and most people can feel the affect of not being properly represented in legeslation

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