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Default Cat Urine

Is there any risk in sleeping in a room with alot of cat/kitten urine?
and a similar question
Is there any danger in sleeping under blankets that have been uritated by cats?

A year ago, my cat use to mark territory on my pretty bad sometimes....anyway, skip ahead a bit...for this week, my family is looking after my cat's twin sister. And her twin sister has 4 kittens. The cat is TERRIFIDE to use the litter box in the washroom because cats are territorial and my original cat's territory is pretty much the whole house minus my room meanwhile the kittens all sleep and live in my room (food, litterbox, etc). The room sometimes smells REALLY bad. I try to cover up the smell using Febreeze and AXE deoterant. The kittens most of the time use the litterbox in my room, the mother cat sometimes acts brave and ventures into the washroom to use that litterbox...but rarely, cause my cat owns that territory. I hide my sheets in my closet till i have to use them...but the closet smells like cat markings for some reason.
I leave the window open a bit most of the day and night to air out room

Should I be worried?

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