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Say there's 100 catholics , 70 jews, and 15 atheist.

so there is 25 catholics 16 jews and atheist in this jail. So what's the percentage?

50% catholic of the people in this jail are catholic.
31.25% jewish of the people in this jail are jewish.
18.75% atheist. of the people in this jail are atheist.

I would assume that these catholics and jews are immoral, because why not just go ahead and say they aren't even religious. That's why the killed, right? Why would a devout person commit a sin?

Let's look at this another way.

75% of catholics aren't in jail
77% of jews aren't in jail
40% of atheists aren't in jail

Not only are you percentages biased but they do not account for the amount of the population they are.
Well, the thing with that is that those simply aren't the numbers.
You just made those up so they hold no weight in reality.

If about 16% of Adult Americans are Atheist/Agnostic and only .2% of the people in jail are that's a difference of 15.8

If about 78% are Christian (I got that off Wikipedia so take that how ever you like) and the 76% or so that I counted in that chart are Christian, then that's a difference of only 2%. Therefore, you are statistically more likely to go to prison if you are Christian.

My opinions are biased. The statistics are not.
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