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Default Re: im back with the same problem

Originally Posted by Z /\ ( |-|
well, veteran vt'ers may remember this story, but its changed a little bit since my last visit. i was in love with a girl but she didnt feel the same way for me. usually i can get over girls, but shes diffrent. its been months and i still have some ridiculous far off hope that we can be together because i want to so badly. i cant keep her out of my head. i dream about her and everything. my head tells me i have no chance, but my heart tells me to hold on, just in case. how can i get over her?
I remember and I feel you. EXACT same problem with me.. I was about to post something like this myself... Her name was karla or something right?

Anyways, same with me, I want to get over her it's just she's all I ever think about.. When I try to fall asleep, when I'm in school... And I can bearly talk to her when I'm around her... I keep thinking of spending time with her. It's almost as if I have some kind of false picture of who she is in my mind...

Help us people =(

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