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ummm electromagnetism is more powerful than gravity. but the number of positivley charged particles is equal to the number of negatively charged particles, so gravity dominates the universe. in a black hole,the escape velocity of the gravitational field past the event horizon exceeds the speed of light. i dont know what the deal is with light being the force that keeps us from falling into the earth but i havent yet read that... take this experiment as an example : get a small magnet, now get an equally sized peice of iron. the magnet pics up the iron, overcoming all the force of gravity. if gravity was the absolut strongest of the four fundemental forces of nature (the others being strong nuclear, weak nuclear, and electromagnetic) we really wouldnt be able to lift ourselves off of earth.
from what i understand the collective huge mass of the earth produces a field of gravity strong enough to keep us from falling off the earth...there would have to be a ridiculously strong force to pull us into the center of the earth. everyone's writing style seems to be "bleh" but that is prolly cause of my congestion and sinus headache. wouldnt this be a good topic for a new thread? (gravity and black holes, not my nose)

EDIT: gravity can be stronger than electromagnetism (ex black holes) and electromagnetism can be stronger than gravity

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