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Originally Posted by SkyKing View Post
i am quite tightly circumcised and when I sit down and lean forward my penis kinda goes into by body and is like covered with skin. I know this is called a burried penis and happens with fat people but i am not fat at all. a few of my circumcised friends tell be the same thing happens to them and i know from my youngest uncut brother and several uncut frieds that for uncicumcied boys their penis can go back into their body if they push it in or lean forward when sitting down. Do any of you boys cut and uncut ever experience this ??
I agree buried penis is generally a fat-person problem, but it can also happen to anyone who has lost a considerable percentage of his shaft skin. You can start now with "manual foreskin restoration techniques" (Google it) and in a few years you'll have a lot more slack. When you're through with school (or now if your life-style allows) you can use more specific full-time "non-surgical foreskin restoration" techniques to add like an inch of new slack skin per year.
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