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Originally Posted by drumir93 View Post
Because most people inherently know it is bad (that's conscience again) but time and time again I hear of people killing in the name of god, mutilating peoples genitals, gay-bashing, and many other horrible things. Every time, these people have been under the influence of a religion.

In other words, I would say Not all religious people are murdering, mutilating, gay-bashers, but if you are one you're probably religious.
Originally Posted by drumir93 View Post
Of course that's a distinct possibility. But why are they all religious? Wouldn't some of these people choose a different path that didn't involve a god? I'm sure not all of these violent nuts where born hateful and deranged.
I'm pretty sure that MOST of the murders, rapes, "gential mutilation"(whatever you mean by that) and other horrible things that go on now and in history AREN'T motivated by God or Religion. In fact, many murders are commited by Atheists. Interesting...isn't it?

That was a load of bullshit since Christianity never really took root in Japan, nor did any western religion for that matter. The majority of Japan is Buddhist and therefore don't believe that God exists. Also, their culture has been based on extreme respect and rigidity for over a thousand years. So basically, you failed with that one since I actually HAVE a brain and some intelligence.

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