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Bush has done something wrong...wiretapping...warentless...4th amendment.

Even his own party has been backing away from him as late. Scandals everywhere. The Republicans have been slammed again and again (the neocons, at least). Their "leaders" have started backing off their previous positions, and are getting further away from the administration. It's only a matter of time before the Republicans lose their majority...but I don't think it'll be in this election. That's still not stopping anyone from impeaching him. There are currently investigations into the warentless wiretaps (which he admitted to). He should get impeached...he violated the Constitution. If he doesn't, then we may as well throw out the Constitution, as that proves the President can be above the law.

Oh, and last I checked, Andrew Jackson did break the law (which was later proved unconstitutional). Clinton was impeached on some random technicality. And the Dems have money, but like the Republicans, few good candidates...
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