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i am on this lovely little magic drug. its helped me a lot with school but with its own costs

~it kills ur appetite
~if you take too much or if you start out on too much it causes elevated heart rate, higher alertness, profucious sweating, constant jaw clenching, biting of the front lips,
~it also kills your labido
~muscles cramp easier
~caffiene will multiply the effects
~dry mouth

those are that vast majority of what happens. adderol genericaly is methanphetamine with methanphetamine salts, in essence it is a small dosage of speed. it was originaly designed for weight loss but its use as an add/adhd drug were soon noted. i like it. like i said its helped me quiet a bit. one other thing is when mixed with caffien it can create some side effects similar to that of OCD

if you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you shall also suffer defeat ~ Sun Tzu
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