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I didn't really bother reading some of the posts, so please forgive me if I don't cover most things - I just want to get done to the bottom line(s).

Intelligence has absolutely nothing to do with morality. You can say that most scientists are Atheists, but that's not proving anything about morality, although most scientists are known for their intelligence. Just for a quick example, let's take Hitler... He was a curious and - for his time - a smart man, to say the least, but was he moral? Was there a single shred of morality in his blood at any time? NO. And if you want to pull up the crap about him believing that only Christians should walk on the earth, he actually was not a Christian, himself. He was an Atheist. Oh, and you know what is even better. I thought anyone without blond hair and blue eyes should be killed, and he didn't have either. Now you see, that is a perfect example of one of your Atheist scientists, isn't it?

Religion also makes people strive to be whatever their religion says they should be. So really, it depends on the religion you are speaking of when you say religious people. Also, it depends on the person upholding their religion. I'm not saying religious people are more moral, however, they are not less moral. Again, for an example, let's take a look at Hitler and our own Alex (redcar). Which of them do you think has (had) good morality? Alex, of course. That's just one example, so I hope it can help you understand what I'm getting at

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