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No, evolution isn't a wonder. It's a fairy-tale to provide "comfort" to those who aren't open-minded enough to believe something could have actually created them and/or life itself. Also, there is no way to measure gravity and electromagnetism other than by the force they apply. Measuring the mass of the object the force is coming from is only measuring the object's mass, and not the magnitude that the force from which is being applied.

As for Catholicism, it's actually the only truly Christian religion (no offense to anyone). All other "Christian" religions are actually Protestant - which is selected beliefs of Catholicism and a few different ones. As being Protestant is still following most of the truths and some further truths of the book, it's completely accepted as Christian - as every Protestant is a Christian. I can't believe I learned that in American History though Eh, in other words, these Baptists who believe Catholics aren't Christians are completely wrong - maybe they are not Christians to begin with. Not my place to judge that though.

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