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Because it makes sense to me, I don't get how something can come fron nothing. I like science and I am a Christian. But I do see holes in both that can be filled by the other. Obviously there will always be questions, and some will go unanswered, but I believe that science and religion can coexist. Also, my religion makes perfect sense to me. I am probably bot going to be a great source of knowledge to answer a bunch of questions though.

Anyway, I hope answered your question even in the slightest way.
The "something-came-from-nothing" thing is a Christian point of view, not an atheist one.
You believe there always has been and always will be a god, therefore you believe he came from nothing.
I, being an atheist, put my faith in science, which evolves and becomes more complete and correct with time. Whereas Christianity is stagnant in its 1st century, unscientific form, where people came up with any convenient explanation for anything they couldn't understand.
Rather than coming up with excuses like that and just saying it popped out of nowhere like you claim, the average atheist point of view is that we plain and simply don't know yet, science has only come so far and we have to wait much longer for a solid explanation for the origins of the universe.
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