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Default Re: How did you first find out you were gay or bi?

im on the swim team, so it is easy to see other boys penises; not much in the way when were changing into speedos. theres like 5 of us and we practice w the high schoolers, and there is one big shower. i think im gay because i dont really feel anything for girls, but all the naked guys on the swim team turn me on kinda. i dont think im alone, cuz there are quite a few boners in the shower,and no one tries to hide. im only 13 and havent hit puberty yet, so i dont know if sexuality changes later, but me and my friend (from the team) have played around; on this one sleepover, he has a lot of property, and we were camping in a tent out in his woods. that night we both got naked and messed around with each others penises, i think were gay for each other bc that was just the 1st time...
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