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Impeachment is a political event, not a criminal one. A president may be impeached like Clinton was, for breaking a law or just for being generally incompetant as they accuded Andrew Jackson. Removal from office is just as political and Clinton escaped that fate on an almost strait party line vote. it takes only a majority in the house to bring articals of impeechemnt, but it takes a super majority in the senate to remove the president from office.

Nancy Polosi (D) California, the Minority Leader has promissed that should they win a majority in the midterm elections this fall and she is elected Speaker of the House, they will bring Articals of Impeechement against Bush. You don't have to do any thing wrong, you just need the party in control to think they can get away with it without being punnished by the voters. Like the Republicans did, and were not punnished because their constituents realized that Clinton had indeed LIED UNDER OATH in order to deny a WOMAN HE SEXUALLY HARRASSED, her day in court. The facts are not in dispute. He was disbared from the Arkensas Bar, and the Federal Bar so he may never practice Law again in Arkensas or Federal Courts.. Though he recently asked to be reinstated, I believe the request was denied. Anyways, the republicans' voters realized that Clinton was a bad man who had done a very bad thing and that it was all right to Impeech him. The Democrats would like to play tit for tat.

The Democrats will however fail because Howard Dean has wasted all their money, and there is nothing left to put inot swinf districts that might go either republican or democrat. Bush will not be impeeched and that will be that. It's a stupid thing to call for, because it simply is not going to happen. The republicans will maintain their control through at least one more election and then it will be too late to impeech Bush. Take a deep breath, let it out slowly. Breath in, breath out. Relax the muscles in your face, your shoulder, your back. All the tight muscles are relaxing. Yelax your arms, unclench your analsphincter where you seem to be trying to make diamonds. Clensing breaths, and let the impeechment thing go. There, now doesn't that feel better?
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